MPs vote to hold General Election in June

MPs have voted in favour of holding a General Election on June 8 following a debate in the Commons.

522 Members of Parliament voted “yes” to the question: “Should there be an early general election?” Just 13 voted against the motion, creating a majority in favour of 509.

The vote followed a heated Prime Minister’s Questions in which both Prime Minister Theresa May and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn faced the scrutiny of MPs from across the chamber.

Mrs May used a number of Labour MPs’ comments about their leader’s capability against Mr Corbyn. She quoted Graham Jones, MP for Hyndburn, who once described him as “not fit to rule”.


” He said: “He’s not fit to rule. The public see this as a man who doesn’t take responsibility seriously.

“He can’t take the party forward other than in a divisive way.”

“If he can’t take the party forward, how can he hope to take the country forward?”

– Theresa May

In an attack on the Prime Minister, former Labour Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper accused Mrs May of not being honest, claiming the electorate “cannot believe a single word she says”.


“She wants us to believe she is a woman of her word.

“Isn’t the truth that we cannot believe a single word she says?”

– Yvette Cooper

Yesterday morning (Tuesday April 19) Downing Street left the media scratching its head as it announced the Prime Minister would be making an address from the steps Number 10 – an event usually reserved for announcements of constitutional or military importance.

At 11:05am, ten minutes ahead of schedule, Prime Minister May took to the podium erected minutes beforehand and informed the nation that in early June they would be heading to the polls yet again.

Her announcement meant that in the likely event Parliament would pass the motion for an early General Election, Britain would be plunged into a national campaign for the third time in three years. This follows the election of 2015 and last year’s EU referendum.

Mrs May told ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston that she had come to the conclusion that an early election was in the public interest while on a walking holiday in Wales with her husband.

The de facto First Gentleman Philip May and the Queen were reportedly the only two people to know about the Prime Minister’s decision to hold an election prior to Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.

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