Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is to stand for Parliament in Boston and Skegness

Nigel Farage’s successor as Ukip leader is to run for the parliamentary seat of Boston and Skegness.

Paul Nuttall announced his candidacy 165 miles away from the constituency, while campaigning for Ukip in Hartlepool.

Boston and Skegness is heavily euro-skeptic; over 75% of voters chose to leave the European Union in last year’s referendum.

The seat is currently held by Conservative MP Matt Warman. He was at odds with the majority of his constituency, supporting Remain in the EU referendum.

Labour is the third party in Boston and Skegness as Ukip candidate Robin Hunter-Clarke came in second in the 2015 General Election. Mr Hunter-Clarke claimed 34% of the vote two years ago.

In February, Mr Nuttall failed in his fifth attempt to become a Member of Parliament. He stood in the by-election for Stoke-on-Trent Central, losing out to Labour’s Gareth Snell.

Nuttall defended his decision to run in Boston and Skegness as critics described him as “opportunistic” for running for a seat to which he has no personal ties.

“The simple fact is, this is an election which has been called on Brexit.

“I am the leader of the most Eurosceptic political party in Britain and it therefore makes sense for me to go to the most Eurosceptic area in the country.”

–  Paul Nuttall, Leader of Ukip

Ukip has been fighting a difficult campaign so far; their launch was crashed by protesters.  Today Paul Nuttall was due to hold a mini-rally at a Hartlepool pub, but it was cancelled after a fight broke out between two women outside of the venue.

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