TRAILER ANALYSIS: Red Dead Redemption 2

Credit: Rockstar Games

The first real details of Rockstar’s upcoming title ‘Red Redemption 2’ have been released after the unveiling of a new trailer, giving away more hints about the games storyline.

The third addition to the Red Dead franchise will include a new protagonist, Arthur Morgan, who looks to be a debt collector of Dutch’s gang – the antagonist of the previous game.

This information confirms the rumour that this game will be a prequel to the storyline of the previous installment, set approximatley ten years before hand.

The story follows the ‘Van der linde’ gang as they steal, fight and terrorise their way through the rugged heart of America in order to survive, several years prior to John Marston joining the criminals.

Speaking of the former gunslinger, John Marston is not recognised in the trailer, despite fan rumour that the man Arthur is speaking to, 33 seconds into the video, has similar facial features to the past hero.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Since the game is set around the time of the gang in their prime, John is believed to make some sort of cameo in the story, after being a big part of their history, however this will be something Rockstar will want to keep under their hats until release.

A number of activities are shown in the early footage such as hunting, breaking horses, bank and train robberies, probably only scratching the surface on the list of side missions available.

New weapons are also shown off in the trailer, as it broadcasts the main character duel weilding pistols, as well as displaying Arthur with a bow and arrow, suggesting a higher focus on stealth gameplay in this iteration.

A variety of new locations are noticed too, meaning that besides the wild western sands, you will be able to explore deep snowy fields, and low light swampy rivers, hinting that swimming could be a feature this time.

With new locations come new wildlife, leaving a longer list of creatures for Arthur’s hunting list. Along with the classics such as bears, buffalo, and many different birds, alligators can be seen, providing more dangerous scenarios.

The title is set to hit shelves later than expected, following a delay, in Spring 2018, on PS4 and Xbox One.

– Tom Court, The Speaker

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