Canadian PM Justin Trudeau snitched on for eating in Parliament

The prime minister was forced to apologise for sneaking a chocolate bar into Canada’s House of Commons.

Conservative MP Scott Reid made a point of order to the House, telling the speaker that Prime Minister Trudeau, the defence minister and the minister for Canadian heritage had all been eating during the prior debate.

Mr Reid insisted that Mr Trudeau had been “hiding what appeared to be a bagel in his desk”, saying he had “already stained this place with corruption. He doesn’t need to stain it with mustard as well.”

As he apologised for snacking in the chamber, Trudeau clarified that it was in fact a chocolate bar, and not a bagel.

The “corruption” Reid was referring to, is allegations that the prime minister put pressure on his attorney general to intervene in a criminal prosecution case against SNC-Lavalin, a large construction firm based in Quebec, the province of Mr Trudeau’s electoral district.

Prime Minister Trudeau and his government have denied that any undue pressure was applied, and that any laws were broken.

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