WATCH: PM Theresa May talks of “compromise on both sides” in bipartisan Brexit talks

The Prime Minister acknowledged differences between herself and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a video released by Downing Street.

Mrs May also posted the video on her own Twitter account, with the caption “Let me explain what’s happening with Brexit.”

She said that as Parliament was “legislating to block no-deal”, the only options left were passing her three-times rejected withdrawal agreement, or not to leave the European Union.

“I think, the government thinks, we absolutely must leave the European Union.

“We must deliver Brexit.”

After a week of bipartisan talks with party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Kier Starmer described progress as “disappointing”.

Talks are expected to continue this week, and the Prime Minister said in order for them to be a success compromise was required “on both sides”.

She admitted that there are “many things” that she disagreed with Labour on,  but when it comes to Brexit “there are some things we agree on.”

“Ending free movement, ensuring we leave with a good deal, protecting jobs, protecting security.”

“People voted to leave the EU, we have a duty as a Parliament to deliver that”, she said.

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